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It's not the size of the boat...


Doesn't it drive you crazy when a small, scrappy company puts up a glossy, bells 'n' whistles website, talks about "the team" and "leveraging resources," and generally tries to be something it's not? Lure Marketing is all about shooting straight with the client, so let's pull back the curtain and share a little secret—Lure Marketing is Heather Zimmer, and Heather Zimmer is Lure Marketing. Once upon a time, Heather was hired as a marketing assistant with a major theater chain. She wound up VP of Marketing. She's a quick worker. She's also an attentive listener, creative thinker, flexible planner and motivated doer-of-what-needs-to-get-done. * Heather one day took stock of a Rolodex full of some of the best writers, designers and printers around, took note of her desire to work with a broader array of clients and took to heart her passion for helping businesses get a leg up on the competition. It wasn't long before she'd set up shop for herself, and Lure Marketing was established.


Corporate America's loss was your business's gain, and today her fingerprints are all over everything Lure Marketing does, from defining and developing your brand, to watching your marketing budget like a hawk and spending your advertising dollars like a leery banker, to negotiating ad space rates so you don't have to. And she's here to help.


*Further, she's a manager of an enviable stable of creative vendors, ready to be deployed at a moment's notice to help boost your bottom line via savvy, targeted marketing efforts. Heather directed several of them in the development of this site, including the writer, so don't worry--she's not in the habit of speaking in the third person.


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