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Above all, Lure Marketing tailors efforts to your business's specific needs, whether big or small. Lure Marketing partners include some of the snappiest writers, splashiest designers and glossiest printers you'll ever have the pleasure of not working with. You see, the team is assembled and turned loose based on how individual skill sets align with your business's needs, but you'll simply work with one point of contact throughout the process, saving time and dodging hassle.


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  • Event management

  • Creative vendor management

  • Media relations

  • Marketing budget oversight​

  • Brand discovery and development

  • Web and social networking presence

  • Search engine optimization

  • Grassroots marketing

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Lure Marketing will help you optimize the time and money you spend on marketing, advertise your business as efficiently and creatively as possible and energize your marketing efforts. Clients seeking to get up and running or to simply give their marketing efforts a shot in the arm can opt for a one-time package. Those interested in an extension of their business, without the overhead costs of employing an in-house marketing staff, benefit from a longer-term strategic partnership. Regardless of the route you choose, Lure Marketing is your one stop shop for:


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